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What do “they” think of “us”?

I always find it interesting to ponder about what non-barefooters think of us barefooter when they interact with us in public. A prevalent subject during these interactions is the warnings about the (apparently imminent) dangers I will encounter while not having any foot protection in the outdoors. After giving it a thought, I’ve come to the realization that the great majority of shoe-wearing people, in their over-dependence on footwear, think we don’t weigh the consequences before we make our decision to step anywhere in bare feet.

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A Barefoot Chat with Dr. Steve Gangemi –
“The Sock Doc”

Dr. Steve Gangemi is a holistic physician, specializing in chiropractic and functional neurology. A 16-time Iron Man participant, and a barefooting advocate, he is actually known for wearing only socks or going completely barefoot at his clinic.

The Sock Doc engaged with me in a great and informative conversation about his medical practice and his knowledge on the benefits of a barefoot lifestyle.

Dr. Gangemi shares a welth of health information on his two websites: SockDoc, Your Body. Your Health. and Dr. Gangemi, Health. Fitness. Life.

Watch the video-slide show below:

You can also listen to or download the audio stream here:

The Being Barefoot Podcast Interview

I had the great pleasure to meet barefooter and podcaster Christopher Younkin on Skype last Friday. We chatted for about 1 and a half hour comparing notes about our barefoot lifestyle choices. I must say, it’s been one of the most fun interview experiences I’ve had in recent time. I’m very happy and honoured to be part of Chris’ project at this, very early stage – my interview is part of his second podcast.

Please check the interview at: The Being Barefoot Podcast Internet Archive Page

Barefoot Moe
Toronto, Canada.

A Barefoot Conversation with Dale Blacker, RMT

Dale Blacker is a Registered Massage Therapist from Toronto, Canada who enjoys the benefits from walking and spending a good amount of time in bare feet – even at work for most part!

Dale and I became friends after he started a barefooting “experiment” some three years ago by trying barefooting in the streets of Toronto.

In this unedited conversation, Dale shares with us some of his motivations, experiences and discoveries around his decision to minimize the use of traditional footwear from his lifestyle.

Get to know Dale a bit better via his own blog: Life, Massage and Everything…

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Or listen/download the audio stream here:

My Take on Minimalist Footwear

From left to right: Hand-made Huaraches, Vibram FiveFingers Sprint, Vivo Barefoot Runners.

In recent years, there has been quite a bit of development of the so-called “minimalist footwear”. While the definition of minimalist footwear tends to vary from user to user and from manufacturer to manufacturer, basically, any type of footwear that is designed to simulate, as close as possible, the experience of going barefooted by still providing an acceptable amount of insulation and protection from the environment (at least part, usually the soles) can fall into the category of “minimalist”.

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