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A Barefoot Conversation with Dale Blacker, RMT

Dale Blacker is a Registered Massage Therapist from Toronto, Canada who enjoys the benefits from walking and spending a good amount of time in bare feet – even at work for most part!

Dale and I became friends after he started a barefooting “experiment” some three years ago by trying barefooting in the streets of Toronto.

In this unedited conversation, Dale shares with us some of his motivations, experiences and discoveries around his decision to minimize the use of traditional footwear from his lifestyle.

Get to know Dale a bit better via his own blog: Life, Massage and Everything…

Listen via YouTube

Or listen/download the audio stream here:

Barefoot Planet Launches New Store and Designs

It’s that time of the year again! Days are getting longer, temperatures are rising and we’re all getting ready to start enjoying the warm ground under our bare feet.

To celebrate the arrival spring, Barefoot Planet is opening a new online store, showcasing some great brand new designs, as well as updated versions of previous favourites.

As part of the spring launch, the store is featuring a new apparel supplier, which is offering much better quality and prices than before.

Great additions to the family are 3 designs especially geared for Barefoot Runners.

See the entire apparel collection at the usual URL

Stay tuned for some upcoming specials and promotions to be announced in the following weeks!

Barefooting in the First Snow Fall in Toronto this Season

I can’t really say I am an accomplished “winter barefooter” by any account since I’m very much a summer type of guy through and through. However, living in Toronto, Canada, I must endure long and cold winters every year. And, every year, I do at least a minimum amount of barefooting outside to keep both my sanity and my feet in some sort of a decent shape for when the warmer weather comes.

We had our first significant snow fall last night and throughout the day today so I decided I had to go out for a few minutes and enjoy some of the white stuff before it gets all hard, slippery and dirty.

I took two videos with my cellphone and I thought I’d share them here – please excuse the poor lighting on the first video, since it was taken last night at about 1 am. The Sound is not the greatest either – I’m still figuring things out with this new phone.

In both cases the temperature was about -5°C with a windchill factor of about -12°C. Overall, the experience felt good; my only wish is that I could do longer barefoot outings in the winter. I guess, like anything else, I need to get used to it and build some tolerance as I go.

Here are the videos, I hope you enjoy them:

Dec. 6, 2010 – 1:30 am

Dec. 6, 2010 – 2:45 pm

Keep ‘em bare, keep ‘em happy.

Barefoot Moe

Minimalist Footwear Review: Kigo Edge

Over the last couple of weeks, I’ve had the opportunity to try out a pair of Edge minimalist shoes by Kigo. Since I’m predominantly a barefooter, I haven’t really worn them for extended periods, other than a couple of times at the office, when I kept them on all day to purposely get a good feel for them. After this trial period, here are my impressions…

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My Take on Minimalist Footwear

From left to right: Hand-made Huaraches, Vibram FiveFingers Sprint, Vivo Barefoot Runners.

In recent years, there has been quite a bit of development of the so-called “minimalist footwear”. While the definition of minimalist footwear tends to vary from user to user and from manufacturer to manufacturer, basically, any type of footwear that is designed to simulate, as close as possible, the experience of going barefooted by still providing an acceptable amount of insulation and protection from the environment (at least part, usually the soles) can fall into the category of “minimalist”.

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